Why 2018 has been my favourite year

2018. What a year. There is something about the new year approaching that always makes me think about everything I’ve done over the last 365 days. I wanted to write down and document some of the beautiful moments and memories I have from 2018, almost not only for you to read but for me to look back on. I think something I don’t do enough on this blog is to write for me, not too worry about what the readers would like but to keep a diary for me to reflect on in years to come. 

1. We got engaged 

In a crazy turn of events, I actually got engaged and not only that but in Disneyland Paris, what could be more perfect? It even holds an even more ideal memory in my heart, and so does Halloween. Oh and we’ve booked the wedding for next year, so the next 300 days are going to be mad.

2. I was in a published magazine 

The most exciting thing that has ever happened was writing for O2 magazine and being able to pick up my whole page spread in any store. Before writing on this blog, I never had any confidence in my writing ( I still think it’s crap and definitely not degree standard) however my photo and piece are in a magazine I can keep forever, so that is pretty special. 

3. I went freelance 

Something which was always a huge goal of mine was to be able to work freelance and from home once in my life and it happened and it has been the best six months.

4. I went to Boston

The fact I got to go to Boston and Salem and live out my best witch life was a dream come true and memories I will never forget. A bucket list destination for sure. 

5. Planning our Wedding

It’s been a crazy few months of planning our Autumn wedding and I even brought my wedding dress. Pretty much everything is sorted already, so next year is going to be big.

6. I worked with Charlotte Tilbury & Pixi

Getting to write and create content for brands I have loved since I first discovered makeup, is a pinch-me moment and something I will always be grateful for. 



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