Valentines with Little Woman Lingerie

Finding underwear when you are petite is quite a challenge as mostly the sizes are too big or the pieces just don’t fit correctly and frankly just aren’t cute, so when Little Woman Lingerie got in touch asking if I would like to try out some pieces, I jumped at the chance. They specialise in small cup bra’s. This is the statement on their website which I love!

Launched twenty years ago the Little Women Brand has gone from strength to strength…

We started up way back in 1990s when media coverage seemed always to focus on “bigger boobs”, the “bigger is better” mentality was everywhere, if you weren’t a “DD” you’d had it, it was teenage trainer bras for you!

So we decided to put things right, we knew that despite all the figures being released indicating that the average UK bra size was at least a D cup, many, many women measure AAAAAA or B and have major difficulty in finding beautiful bras and swimwear that fits.

The underwear is all of beautiful quality, they have a gorgeous range of pastel bras and it all comes beautifully packaged. I have never loved a brand more. 

little woman lingerie bralette

Little woman lingerie petite

 Shop the post here :

1. Black Bralette 
2. The Alice bra and knickers 
3. Jumper ( Missguided) 


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