Tips to save money in the lead up to Christmas.

As much as I love Mince pies, present buying and Christmas movies, Christmas can cause a lot of stress and pressure on a lot of people due to the added expense. I’ve put together some ways to save your pennies and hopefully avoid a bleak January!

  1. Look to buy online

While looking around the shops is lovely, you will always find what you are after online for cheaper. There are also a lot more discounts and sales on so you can be sure you are getting the same item for less.

2. Use your loyalty cards

Why have a Boots/ Nectar/ Clubcard card if you never claim your points? By saving up all year and setting a target online, your points will grow dramatically, meaning you can make huge savings off your festive food shop.

3. Don’t overbuy food

Easier said than done right? But it can be straightforward to buy way too much food, that a lot ends up being wasted. Make sure you plan and know your portion sizes and how many guests you have come round, not only is it good for your pocket but the environment also.

4. Be organised

Plan what you are buying people this year and try to get ahead of Christmas shopping rather than leave it to the last minute. When you only have one payday left before the big day, it can be very easy to panic buy.

5. Book train tickets well in advance

If you are looking to travel over the festive period, be sure to book your tickets 12 weeks in advance, and you can save SO much of your train ticket. Train companies like to bump the prices up in December as they know people will be using them more, so be sure you check various railcard options and Train Line is usually a cheaper site.

6. Shop through Cashback

A fantastic app which works as when you head through the app on to the website you wish to shop at, the site gives you money back for directing through them. You can either withdraw to your bank account or convert into shop vouchers. It’s a super easy win!

7. Make your own coffee

Coffee shops charge a fortune for a coffee, face it they do, and no matter how much you want a lovely red cup for your Instagram photo, making your own coffee can save a fortune and help the planet out.

tips to save money this christmas

Ahem, I am now off to eat a mince pie and watch Elf.

Happy December madness!



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