Tips for using Pinterest as a blogger or a brand.

Tips for using Pinterest as a blogger

Pinterest is a great way for expanding your traffic and blog reach, so I’ve put together a few tip’s to ensure you get the most out of your boards.

1. Create Niche Boards

People are always searching for new content on this site. Whereas boards such as ‘makeup’ will be highly saturated. The chances of your’s being found will be slim, a board titled ‘ Winterberry lipstick’s although will have a smaller search frame, there’s much more chance of your board being seen, creating traffic.

2. Install Pin it button on your website

Pinterest is a great way of getting your post’s seen by a whole new audience of people. Adding a ‘Pin it’ option to your blog images allows readers to share your post’s.

3. Modify blog image titles

Following on from the last point, you need to modify your image titles. As this is what Pinterest picks up to use as the Pin’s description. You need to ensure the title is effective and conveys your post or site.As if the title is left blank, people won’t be so inclined to pin.

4. Overlay text on images

This grabs the interest and attention of readers who don’t read the description. This also encourages the reader to click back through to your site to read your post. ( great marketing tip!)

5. Rearrange boards by the importance

Something I only knew you could do recently. Think about current trends and what is happening within the World. for example in Winter, you may want to have your ‘winter fashion’ board in the prime display.

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I hope you found this useful, and please share if you did, as I’m sure we can all use these Pinterest tips as bloggers or brands!

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