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tips for instagram for bloggers

1.  Understand Instagram culture

One of Instagram’s mantra is to encourage people to see beauty everywhere, which makes it very different from other social media sites. To stay ahead of the ‘game’, you need to compose beautiful images to show how your brand and blog see the world. You need to reflect the original style to show your blog’s personality and voice, to allow people to understand what makes you different.

– Try to lay off heavy filters

– See the world in squares; you can set your phone camera to take all photo’s in squares, so you won’t be cutting off parts of your photo when uploading to Instagram.

– Balance composition into thirds to ensure all elements of the pictures effectively fill the screen. You don’t want everything huddled on one side and the rest empty.

TIP for perfect focus : Tapping your iPhone screen after setting the center can jolt the image back out of focus and cause the vision to blur, you can use your headphones to take a perfect photo every time, plug in your headphones, and press the volume up button, to take a picture while in the camera app.

2. Optimise bio

This is the part where you need to tell people what your Instagram is about and why they should follow you. Make sure to add your blog as your website, as this makes the link clickable so that readers can head there with ease. In your bio, make sure to include some relevant keywords to make your Instagram optimised for SEO, have a business relevant hashtag, for example, #beautyblogger, to allow people to discover you and keep tone light and friendly.

3. ‘Click Link.’

A great way to encourage people to visit your site, is when posting a photograph that links to a blog post, add ‘click link in bio’ to your caption, the bio is only one press away, which is very easy for readers to do, no one is going to click off, go onto Google and type in an URL.

4. Consistent Editing

A recent craze with Instagram has been themed accounts; for example, people only posting black and white photographs or photos of similar things. This is a great way to make your blog/ brand identifiable if a person can look at a photograph and instantly see it as your brand, your job is done. Keep editing the same for all photographs (however you feel suit’s your style best)

5. Don’t be spammy with Hashtag’s

Hashtags are great, as it allows people who are interested in similar thing’s find your photographs. Don’t be spammy. I promise you #likeforlike, isn’t going to bring people over who may want to read your blog, but #makeup will, as all beauty lovers will be on that hashtag, so it’s very much quality over quantity with this.

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