Things that happen when you become a cat mum.

1. You will try to stop your cat destroying the furniture using every technique there is, you will fail and the sofa will become theres. 

2. You will lose a lot of sleep ( its basically like having a newborn)

3. You will spend a fortune on toys and they will just want the box.

4. You will get bitten, scratched and generally live in fear.

5. You will learn to sleep with all body parts tucked under the covers.

6. You will never have any personal space.

7. You will have to eat standing up in the corner or risk your food being stolen.

8. Your cat will spend most of their time kicking all the litter out of the tray.

9. You will see a box or piece of string and think my cat would love that.

10. Your cat will stare at you and you will wonder if they are going to murder you in your sleep.

11.You will not blink when your cat does its daily sprints around the house.

12. You will fill glasses of water as your cat has decided they don’t want to drink out their bowl. 

13. You will love them a lot. 


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