The wedding diaries:​ Girl in the white dress

I have decided to document my wedding journey on here, as I know people enjoying reading these but I also think this would be great to look back on and see the trip, so I am going to give you a little overview of where we are now, what we still need to do and how I am finding everything. We have planned the wedding on a cheap budget.

Planning a budget wedding!


We got engaged on the 28th of October 2018 in Disneyland Paris. I quickly decided much to my boyfriend’s horror to plan the wedding for next year. I didn’t want a long engagement and knew the wedding we wanted was going to be very small and low key, so we didn’t ( I didn’t) feel the need to wait. We have already been together for eight years at this point.

Autumn is my favourite season, so I knew I wanted our wedding to be around this time as I had visions of pumpkins and fairy lights decorating the tables. I can really see a lot of greenery in the way of flowers also.



We picked the place almost straight away. We knew we wanted a no fuss ceremony with only our closest family, so booked in the registry straight away. This was fine, the interview questions to prove you know each other are a little stressful and the handing over of £200 is a little upsetting, but other than that it is pretty easy and the room is pleasant.

We knew straight away we didn’t want a full day wedding with an evening reception as it just isn’t something very us. We decided on an afternoon reception at one in a room in a restaurant we can hire. The place is beautiful, greys and whites but very much a blank canvas so you can decorate how you wish. We booked that quickly, paid the deposit and have now sorted out the menus/welcome drinks etc.


Picking my dress was also really simple, in fact, I ordered it on ASOS, tried it on and that was that. I very much know my style and know what I like so this was super easy.


The cake we found challenging just because they are all costly. We have now found someone local who is doing us a beautiful Autumn cake. We have opted for two tiers in some delicious flavours, so I can’t wait to see this.

Photographer was another easy decision and we have opted for someone who takes very natural, candid shots. We much prefer this to the posed wedding style photographs, and as we aren’t having bridesmaids/ pageboys etc, we felt this was a great choice.

planning our wedding

To do list:



Find florist

Men’s suits

If anyone has any wedding tips, please let me know.

How to save money on your wedding! 



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