The photography equipment and tips every fashion blogger should invest in.


1. The iPhone 7+ 

That portrait mode will take your outfit photos from standard to unreal by bluring everything in the background, getting that photo that everyone on instagram goes mad for. 

2. Cannon DLSR EOS 1300D

What’s great about this camera is it does everything, you can change the focus, the blur, the IOS, and it also has inbuilt Wifi, so you can send the photos straight to your phone or your macbook. It is a stunning camera and is very easy to get high quality images. 

3.  75-300 mm f/3.5-5.6 Lens

This lens is great for long distance shooting and captures a great headshot or shoeshot. This lens is great for capturing every tiny detail on an outfit and is perfect for street styling. 


Location is everything. Finding the right background and area is vital and can totally change your image. Most of fashion bloggers on instagram love a street shot with pretty pastel houses and steps in the background but it is completely up to you. National trust properties especially those with houses are great for some photography. I like to add texture to my shoots so some flowers/ plants, long grass and cornfields really take your photos to new levels.

Another tip is to try different angels, shooting up from the floor or on the same level as your subject is really powerful. 

Use the natural light to capture shadows where you would want them edited on on your instagram edit. Natural light should never be shining on the camera but rather on the subject. 

Eye contact with the camera photos always look 10x better than when you are looking away.

Candid shots are the best, when you are adjusting your outfit or laughing and looking at your phone, be natural, these are when the best shots are taken.

Photos by @inthelilac_photography (Now taking blogger shoot bookings in Shropshire/Cheshire area.

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