The best spooky Netflix series right now.

It’s coming up to Halloween and basically, for the whole of October, I turn into Winifred Sanderson. I mean slight exaggeration but your girl loves a thriller, horror, anything that keeps me gripped and wanting to sleep with the light on. 

These are some of my favourites, ones I put on every October and scream when a trick or treater comes to my door or some newbies I may have binge-watched in an entire week, only leaving the sofa to feed the cat or go to work.

Hope you enjoy!

Scream (the series)

A TV adaption of the horror film franchise, but follows a group of teenagers with two old friends struggling to reconnect while becoming victims of a killer who’s out for blood. What’s great about this series is it keeps you guessing to the end, as the main character has to work out how she is linked to the killer. It has all the appeal of the films with the funny storyline, great characters and seriously gruesome murders. 

Bates Motel 

Norma Bates buys a motel with her teenage son Norman, who you see an intensely close relationship form between. The family quickly find out the beautiful town isn’t as peaceful as they first thought with a lot of the villagers out to get them. The complicated relationship he has with his mother somehow made him into a serial killer. V. creepy and is inspired by the 1960 horror Psycho.

The Haunting of Hill House

One of the newest Netflix drama’s, claiming to be so scary it is making people cry. It follows a group of siblings now grown up returning to the house they lived in as children after their sister commits suicide, it’s naturally so haunting that it doesn’t even need to rely on jump scares. 


Set in 17th Century Salem (scary enough right?) explores what fueled the town’s witch trials, uncovering some dark truths.

I think that should be enough on Netflix to get you through the rest of October. 

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