Six ways to have a budget London City break.

six tips for a budget London city break

1. Book train tickets in advance. is an amazing website for getting bargain trains to London, you have to pick a specific time train for a while in advance, but it’s so worth it. Also try not going direct, selecting an area on route such as Birmingham, as it makes it so much cheaper. My tickets for a three hour journey to London were £6, yep you heard that right!

2. Stay just outside of London

So chances are hotels in the city center, are super pricey, you are talking £200-£300 for a two night break, so try staying just outside in area’s like Reading, which are just a 30 minute train ride from the capable, this way you get the best of both worlds.

3. Mid- Week deals.

If you can, avoid staying Fridays or Saturday’s as hotels double the prices for demand, Mondays are usualy great to grab a bargain, and check out Late rooms and Secret escapes for any deals. Hotels don’t want empty rooms! ūüėČ 

4. Free Tourist attractions

So you don’t have to go to London and spend a bomb on that Red double Decker tour bus to get the experience. Covent Garden always has things going on and such a vibrant atmosphere for free. Instead of spending £35 a ticket to go up the Shard, Why not check out the free Sky Garden for incredible views, or St Paul’s viewing platform. Oh and you could also try grab last minute theater tickets on sale outside. 

5. Plan your meals.

Probably one of the most expensive costs, so make sure you had some places in mind in different areas for some tasty, budget meals. 

6. Get an Oyster Card

Pre- Load with an amount as tube fares can add up if you are visiting lots of areas and this ensures you have money set aside without having to use all your cash.

If you have any tips, leave them below so we can all help each other! 

Love Jasmin x


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