My current everyday makeup essentials

52451519_384841605398820_2178135584051036160_nI think the tell-tell signs of a good product is if it makes it’s way into someones everyday makeup bag. The products they reach for again and again. These are mine.

Pixi highlighter 

I love this as the smallest amount of product goes a long way. All you need to do is sweep your finger in, and your cheeks are highlighted to perfection. I love this as it is easy, impossible to use too much and the shade is gorgeous. This is going to be a staple of mine all summer as it reflects the light beautifully.

So extra 

My favourite mascara I have ever used – and that is a bold statement as I have tried a lot. The volume and curl this mascara gives are like no other. My lashes have never looked better since using this, and it is SO affordable. Thanks, Winky Lux!

Collection concealer 

The £4.99 drugstore concealer that is the holy grail for so many. It is incredible for the price and is very full coverage. It does slip off slightly throughout the day, but this is to be expected with the price.

Wonder Glow 

A wedding day essential for me. This product gives a flawless complexion and is just what you need for that dewy, glowy skin tone. You can apply as the foundation or over foundation, whatever you desire. It’s also great for photographs, as it reflects beautifully on the camera.

Flawless filter 

Similar to wonder glow, but with a little more full coverage. I would say it is slightly more foundation based, whereas wonder glow highlights. It’s great to cover up areas of imperfection and brightens up skin tone. I have loved this during the Winter months when my skin has felt a little drab.

Charlotte Tilbury Glastonbury 

The perfect berry lipstick – I have worn this most day during the past few months. Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks have always been my favourite and the ones I always reach for. Not much compares to their colour range, staying power and flawless application.

everyday makeup collection

Daisy Dream Sunshine 

Marc Jacobs perfumes are always a delight and remind me of being in a warmer climate as I like to take them when I travel. The new sunshine range just makes you happy. The bottle is gorgeous, and the scent is soft and fresh. It might be my wedding day fragrance? Stay tuned;)!

52540422_635624023546988_35110507241275392_n*Some items gifted

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