Ideas for hosting a night in

It’s January and it’s a long way to payday. I’ve been really enjoying self-care and spending more time at home relaxing. So you may want to relax with your partner watching Netflix or invite some of your friends round for a games night, here are some tips for throwing a night in. 

  1. Dinner party 

Set a theme for your dinner party and have your guests bring a dish. As a host, you can set people to bring starters, mains and deserts. You can’t have a successful dinner party without a tipple to keep your guests refreshed. I’ve discovered Lambrini skinny as it is much lower in calories and only 1.5 syns, while still being delicious and the perfect accompaniment to your meal. Is there anything better than sitting down with a delicious drink in an evening? 

lambrini skinny

2. Movie night 

In January when the evenings are dark, I and my finance love nothing more than staying in and watching Netflix. We’ve enjoyed relaxing and enjoying a glass of Lambrini while finishing off the last of our Christmas chocolates. So get on your pyjamas, pour yourself a glass and turn your living room into a den with cushions and duvets. 

50528969_2096984060363411_5392643168854343680_n50089372_294053401464936_1270389641836494848_n3. Pamper night 

Grab your girl pals and turn your living room into a beauty salon. You can do each other’s nails, pamper your skin with facemasks and even share makeup tips with a glass of Lambrini. Prepare some snacks and enjoy a super affordable night in. 

4. Games night 

Nothing is more fun than a good old evening of old fashioned board games, it will bring out everyone’s competitive side and be a whole lot of fun. 

5. Book Swap 

A twist on the regular book swap. Instead of reading and discussion one book, your guests can all bring three books that they have loved. You can then enjoy a swap so everyone can leave with three new books. 

So there are my five ideas for a fun, affordable night in with your girl pals or partner.

This post is in partnership with Lambrini, but all love for the drink is my own.

In January, it’s all about making swaps to better your health and wellbeing, so the skinny option has been a great alternative and means you can enjoy your night without worrying. I actually cannot believe it is so delicious and only 29 calories a glass. 


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