How to spoil yourself and have the perfect night in.

With it being the month of international woman’s month, I wanted to put together a post on how to treat yourself and have a dreamy night in, so make a perfect hot chocolate, grab some ice cream, have a bubble bath and use some of L’Occitane’s gifts for her! I recently wrote a blog post about things that happen in your 20’s and a lot of these were about how much I prefer staying in.1. Make the ultimate hot chocolate

I actually used this recipe from the BBC, as it makes the creamiest hot chocolate, now top with squirty cream and marshmallows and enjoy surrounded by candles. 

2. L’Occitanes gift sets.

I don’t think you can have a bubble bath without using L’occitane’s beautiful gift sets. I am particularly fond of the Cherry Blossom gift set, which contains a shower gel, scented soap and hand cream to apply after your bath. This brand feels so luxurious but the gift sets are a great way to try out a few of their products to decide if you would like to repurchase, it is one of my favourite brands as my mother and my grandmother both love it and have shared the traditions of using it, which makes it the perfect gift to yourself or someone you love when it is international woman’s month, there is nothing more special than when families can pass down beauty traditions. 

3. Read a good book

When treating myself, I love to go and buy a new book, light some candles and enjoy it, as I work online and therefore am always on my phone there is nothing better than switching off and enjoying a good book. I’ve recently been loving some thrillers :

thriller book recommendations

One of us is lying – Karen M, McManus.

Follow me back – Nicci Clarke

4. Netflix

Ok, I have watched way too much Netflix at the moment, I am currently binge watching Jane the Virgin and couldn’t love a program more. 

5. Get all the snacks

Is there a better cosy night in snack that ice cream, Magnum’s new dark chocolate and raspberry pots are delicious and I made these delicious unicorn Easter eggs the other day, which I may write a post on here about if you are interested? 

magnum raspberry and dark chocolate ice cream

How would you spend a cosy night in to treat yourself for being a fabulous woman this international woman’s month, because celebrate every small victory as being a woman is amazing!

Have you tried any L’Occitane gift sets? 

* this post is in collaboration with L’Occitane, however all love for the brand is my own and I am so grateful they wanted to work with me so all the happy tears.


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