How to say Happy Birthday?


It’s recently been my birthday, and this had me thinking about the ways people say happy birthday in this social media age. A lot of messages are far less personal now, and often friends feel like they don’t even need to say it? With so many ways to communicate with our friends and family these days, the number of ways we can wish them Happy Birthday has never been more significant.  But it also feels like it’s never been less personal. 

Let’s face it, sending someone a text message is pretty low down on the “I-put-a-lot-of-thought-in-to-this” scale. They are equalled only perhaps by responding to the Facebook notification to wish them a happy birthday on their timeline. 

I wouldn’t say I’ve ever really been a big fan of e-cards either.  You know, the online cards you send to friends by email when you forget to send them a paper one in time for their birthday! 

But I might be changing my tune thanks to, a family run business that offers a refreshing take on the standard online birthday card.

mini epic

If you’ve ever sent or received an e-card before, you’ll know what I mean when I say they don’t precisely excite your senses!  Well, that’s the first difference I noticed about Mini-Epic’s e-cards. 

Not only are they all visually fun to look at, but because each one is playfully animated, you can’t help enjoying them.


There’s a range of styles to choose from, and in all honesty, as much as I like the prettier designs, I can’t help being drawn to the somewhat naughtier cards! They’re a brilliant mix of dry humour and witty animation that convey your birthday wishes in quite an unexpected way.

mini epic

And while you can personalise each design with the usual “Dear Blah”, “Love Blah”, another feature I like about Mini-Epic’s cards is the ability to add your custom phrase or message… that appears within the animation.

Not only does this allow you to personalise your card with something more meaningful to you and your friend (an in-joke or nickname), but it also means you can be as sentimental or sarcastic as you like! (Swear words, anyone?)  It’s a brilliant feature that I think works best on the cards where the message is revealed behind a secret “panel”.


But where I think Mini-Epic stands out from the crowd and offers a unique experience, is in the way you can send your Mini-Epic -card.

With most e-cards, you’re required to enter your friend’s email address and hope it reaches their inbox. 

I’ve got two main issues with this, which may be why I’ve never really been a big e-fan. Firstly, I don’t really like entering someone else’s email address – I feel like it’s giving their data away. 

Secondly, I don’t know when or if my friend gets the email. So it leads to an awkward “Did you get the e-card I sent you?” – not cool.

So when I learned that you could download your Mini-Epic e-card as a small video file to share via 

WhatsApp (brilliant!), Instant Messenger (Just as useful) or to upload it directly to your friend’s timeline on Facebook (They won’t be expecting this), I was delighted!  

iPhone users – just a quick heads-up – Apple doesn’t allow you to download your video directly on to your mobile device – so Mini-Epic sends you your video by email if you request it – problem solved!

You can, of course, send your Mini-Epic e-card by email too, but with the ability to keep and share your e-card online, I can’t see myself needing to, which is appealing.


I know I’ll be using Mini-Epic e-cards to wish a few people Happy Birthday this year, and if you want to as well, be sure to enter LAUNCH30 at checkout to receive 30% OFF* at

This post was created in collaboration with, but all the love is my own! I think they’re on to something here, how about you?


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