How to flat lay | Instagram and blogger tips

how to get the perfect flat lay instagram

1. Simple background

A white or wooden background tend to work best, as they don’t distract from the objects shown and allow simplicity in the fullness of the photograph. A white bed or wooden floor are perfect. If all else fails, by a wallpaper or flooring sample!

2.  Natural Light

You need natural daylight to avoid shadows in your photographs, as it is taken from above.  Plus artificial light gives a unattractive yellow glow to photographs.

3.  Gather objects that look good from birds eye view.

Magazines and photographs are already flat lay ready, so are the perfect addition. To add texture experiment with flowers and lace and smaller items. Clothes tend to look bulky so fold them in boxy shapes to create structure to your photograph.

4.  Space between objects.

Think in thirds and squares. be sure to leave space so your photograph doesn’t look cluttered and is spaced out so all the photograph is spread out and looks lovely. 

5.  Theme

Be sure to stick to one element in your flat lay. My theme was a luxurious afternoon spent at home, so Vanity fair, Chanel, Make up and sunglasses. check, see how everything is off similar colors, this really helps to ensure your Instagram/ blog looks its best.

instagram tips flat lay

– Scarf for texture and to translate Autumn theme.

– Shades reflect Autumn and mirror each other. 

– Perfume to add some luxury and some difference to the image.

– Add texture so it is only slightly in frame to avoid bulk.

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