How to buy Bath and Bodyworks in the UK/ Europe

How to buy Bath and Body work’s in the UK/ Europe.

Bath and body works are one of my favourite brands, but with no UK stores, it’s tough to buy their products. Their candles and body creams are dreamy, and no candle compares to the strength of smell they release, as the scent fills the whole room. Here’s how I shop in the UK.



Amazon has quite a variety of Bath and Bodyworks cosmetics, particularly the hand sanitizers and the mists. I am not sure how the price compares to the US here, but an easy way to get your fix.


Facebook has lots of groups selling body care and candles. This is my favourite way to shop as lots of the sellers do deals like two candles for £35. Payments are usually made by Paypal so are secure. Delivery was very speedy and is a great way to get the three wick candles without the hefty postage fees or customs charge.


eBay is also a great place to buy from. Occasionally the postage fees can be quite a lot here. However, you can usually select the fragrance you prefer as the choice is pretty endless.

Let’s chat in the comments – Have you found any other ways? Some extra tips!



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