How I buy Bath & Bodyworks in the UK

I think it is fair to say that Bath & Bodyworks is loved by pretty much everyone in the UK right now, I see tweets on a daily basis asking when they are coming back to open stores here, after shutting down years ago. I have however found a secret ( or not so secret) way to buy them for a reasonable price right here from my house! So tag your friends, tell your family, this post is exactly what you need for all your candle obsessed friends!

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The main page I use is ‘Bath and Body works fans the UK’ is the cheapest way to get these products in the UK that I’ve found so far. It’s a buying and selling site, you spot a candle you like, you pay the seller via Paypal which makes it super safe in case your candle doesn’t arrive, they package it up, and it’s with you within a few days. I managed to grab some three wick full sized for just £20 with postage included, so it’s worth checking out.


My last resort if you are desperate, as eBay sellers tend to charge a lot for the products. I’ve also seen a lot of the body creams and anti bacs on Amazon, selling for a huge upmarket on what they are in the USA. If you can’t get something through the selling page, this may be an option for you, but shop around for sellers!

Let me know in the comments which candle you have your eye on! I’ve just ordered the new peppermint marshmallow Christmas candle, but I can’t wait to fill my house with the smell of Pumpkin right now! x

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  1. gflwrg
    November 23, 2018 / 6:59 pm

    They also sell them on You should check them out, theyve been selling Bath & Body Works stuff since 2013

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