Getting our wedding photos printed

While I didn’t want every room in our house full of wedding photos, I tried to print our favourites. I think there is something so special about getting photographs printed. Fewer people are printing photographs, and it is not something which is done as much any more, with the addition of smartphones. While having your pictures on your phone or laptop is fine, it’s nice to be able to frame some and keep around the house — a great topic of conversation and excellent for friends and family to look at.

I recently came across, which seemed to have some great options, as well as being reasonably priced. You have the option of printing on canvas or framed photos with a variety of frames and materials. Or you can even get pictures on cushions, photo books, rugs and mugs. A great Christmas present and a very thoughtful gift!

I decided to go for some framed prints as I thought the black frames would enhance the look of our photographs. The website was super easy to use, you upload your photo and choose the size you would like your print and frame. What’s great about this website is that for each size, it would show you what your photograph would look like. This helps hugely as in one of the dimensions are print wouldn’t have worked as our feet were cut off. This helps remove room for error and ensures your prints look perfect when they arrive.

The prints range from £14.90 to £54.90, which is dramatically cheaper than similar ones I’ve seen for sale elsewhere.

The prints are made with the highest standard in mind :

Obtain a Photo on Passe-Partout for a True Gallery-Like Excellence
Museum-quality card-stock with an oblique cut
Comes with a polished acrylic glass cover
Beautiful frame for a gallery-like appearance
State-of-the-art photo reproduction
Different hues for your passe-partout frame

I was so impressed with how the details in our images had come out so beautifully. The colours were exactly how they were on the day, and the contrast of the black and white against the black frame is perfect. I am so pleased I get to keep these memories framed forever.

If you are looking to get some photos framed or perhaps a Christmas gift for a loved one? You can shop the framed photo prints here!

They have also given me a fantastic offer for you. Code GIRLINTHELILACDRESS will provide you with an extra 15% off already discounted Canvas prints as seen here on the website.

this post is kindly sponsored. 


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