Friday Favorites | 17/07/2014



                       1. Afternoon tea

Come let us have tea & talk about happy things

afternoontea, afternoonteashropshire

One of my favorite things to do, I just love tea and cake and cute teapots, so I really don’t see what’s not to like? I actually have an afternoon tea bucket list, is that sad? Because The Sanderson hotel & BB afternoon bus tour are on it. 

2. Home Shopping & Ikea

So I am planning to move out soon and home shopping is one of the most exciting adventures, I mean it’s not as if I have had home inspiration boards building on Pinterest for months and I know exactly what I want, even down to throw colour, but it’s just a magical time. Plus it means countless Ikea trips and I am a HUGE fan, maybe because I just love their strawberry tarts? who knows 😉 

3. Cocktails 

funkincocktails, cocktails

Yes, this is turning into my favorite Friday drinks, but making cocktails from Mixer’s was great fun ok, and you can’t beat a picnic, even if it does cause the cast of bug’s life to come out to play.

4. Pinterest Quotes 

I am very much someone who believes in the saying that everything happens for a reason and I do believe life has a plan for all of us and your path is as it should be, So I am obsessed with Pinterest quotes, because if I am ever feeling down about something, there is always a quote to make you feel better. 

5. Foxes

foxes, keeptheban, primark

One of the best things that happened this week that the Fox Ban has been kept, I couldn’t be more proud that the UK actually made the right decision and didn’t take a huge step backwards. I am also obsessed with all woodland animals accessories as they are so cute, so Primark’s A/W15 range is filling me with excitement, first in is this gorgeous mug. 

So that’s what’s made me happy this week, what’s made your week?

Happy Friday!


Love Jasmin


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