Ditch your multivitamins

If there’s anything I love it’s natural multi-use products, no matter if it’s skincare, makeup or vitamins, I like things to be simple. I also know the importance of looking after your health and ensuring your body gets all the essential vitamins and nutrients it needs. I have tried a variety of vitamins over the year, but I have now discovered PROCEIVE, and I couldn’t believe just how many nutrients they provide.

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I do not want to have children for a long time; however, if you are currently these multivitamins are great to add to your routine in preparation. So if you know you want children in the future, there’s no reason why not to start thinking and preparing in advance so your health can be at it’s optimum.

They also contain many other vital nutrients and vitamins so you can boost your overall health. I often struggle to find supplements that include all the minerals my body needs to support it, so it has been great to discover these.

  • Zinc
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin D

A Zinc deficiency can cause some very unpleasant symptoms including hair loss, poor wound healing and problems with your taste or smell. If you are vegetarian or vegan, you may find you don’t get enough zinc in your diet as a lot of it comes from red meat, chicken, seafood and dairy products. It can also help support your immune system to protect you from viruses.

Vitamin B6 is a great one as it can help improve your mood and reduce feelings of depression, so if your spirit has been a little flat recently from the dull days and colder weather, it may be appropriate to boost your intake of Vitamin B6.


Vitamin B12 has many benefits for your body; these include contributing to Anemia prevention, helps support bone health and can even give you an energy boost. With the dark mornings over Winter, I have found a lack of energy, and by 3 pm I am crashing, so these have helped give me the boost I needed.

Vitamin D is excellent for supporting the immune system and for healthy bones. Your body needs Vitamin D to absorb Calcium and promote bone growth. It’s essential, and it can be easy to find yourself lacking in it.

52868940_2333966856930360_1233334528022413312_n52572764_414236506012012_9081948079581560832_n52360314_411355739618089_2957276448643088384_nThis Vitamin is an excellent choice for women if you are looking to have children in the future as it can begin to prepare your body. But they also have a whole host of other vitamins and minerals to help support you which is a huge benefit. There’s no reason to delay getting a healthier and stronger body with a supplement.

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