#Choosesleep with Bed Guru

Bed Guru is a bed retailer who specialises in sleep, they are trying to raise awareness of rest through their campaign by educating people about the importance of sleep. 

Did you know two-thirds of adults fail to meet the recommended 8 hours of sleep?

The benefits of getting your sleep your body needs are healthier and less fatigued appearance, less hungry & more energetic, improved mental health, increased productivity and improved physical health. There basically isn’t an organ in your body which isn’t optimised through getting the right level of sleep, hence the reason I wanted to take part! 


Before the four weeks, I had to fill in a pre-sleep evaluation with questions such as what time do I sleep on weekdays and weekends, how I would rate my sleep, number of caffeine-filled drinks and minutes of exercise.  Every morning when I wake up, I then filled up the sleep diary so I could record how I feel each morning and my sleep quality.

During the four weeks, I tried out some of their different challenges to see if my sleep improved. On week one, I went to bed at a similar time every day and (aimed) to wake up at the same time every morning. I like to wake up without an alarm, so waking up at a similar time of day is important to me. I also thought about not having any caffeine drinks after 2pm, which was a challenge! I found peppermint tea to be a saviour! This week I did rate the quality of my sleep improved to a 7 and a half out of 10, so maybe the caffeine did have more than an influence than I thought? 


The hardest part of the challenge for me but the part which had the most effect was the digital detox, not using my phone or watching tv an hour before going to sleep and making my bedroom a tech-free zone. This created a huge difference as my brain wasn’t thinking about the day or the next day in overdrive when my head hit the pillow. It really helped me feel more relaxed and have better quality sleep. 

This campaign has taught me so much about sleep and has taught me so much about my sleep habits, I’ve loved recording and having a diary to look back on, so I can spot patterns in my sleep each night. If you would like your own log, you can download one here for free! 

Watch my video follow up here! 

Let me know if you take part in the campaign!

This post is in collaboration with Bed Guru, however, all love of sleep is my own! 



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