Achieving​ a natural makeup look with Annabelle Minerals

Annabelle Minerals is a brand which is guided by the concept of living by nature. Their products are cruelty-free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. They have a range of powder products, most famous for their mineral foundations which comes in a huge 22 shades. They are very gentle and contain the best ingredients, ideal for those who like to let their natural beauty shine through and enhance beauty, rather than a cover-up. I love the ethos of the brand and how much they care for the environment, whilst using the best ingredients for your skin.

Mineral Foundation 

This is my favourite product from the range as I am always on the lookout for a natural foundation, which will care for my skin whilst concealing.  components are: mica, which gives a delicate glow, is helpful in fighting against small spots, antibacterial zinc oxide and titanium dioxide providing excellent coverage, which additionally protects the skin against UVA / UVB radiation. The mineral foundation does not clog pores, which positively affects the skin’s overall condition.

The shade range is outstanding and you will not struggle to find a shade for your skin tone. The matte foundation is perfect if you have some oiliness on the skin. The powder texture immediately removes any shine. Leaving you ready to take on the day.


The blushers are so delicate and natural, I’ve used them here to create a natural, healthy glow. Annabelle Minerals blushes to ensure a fresh, innocent look. The high pigmentation and diversity of shades are what makes using them a simple task, even for beginners. The intensity of the colour can be graded by applying successive coats of the product. They currently have eight blush shades to choose from, so depending on if you like a pink tone, blush tone or coral tone, you will find the colour for you. I love a pretty, natural makeup look so this is the perfect product for me.

If you are looking to start your Annabelle Minerals journey or buy a Christmas gift – they have a great range of makeup kits. You get a foundation, blush and concealer for £47.70 and they add a brush in for free. They also come beautifully packaged in a little pink box, which makes the perfect Christmas gift.

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