12 things that happen when you hit your 20’s

1. Everyone is suddenly younger than you? you were born in 2007? really?

2. Your Facebook is full of engagement announcements.

3. You start comparing the prices of washing powder to find the cheapest with the most washes!

4. You start planning alternate careers, should I do a massage course?

5. You feel relief when people cancel plans

6. You become at the age where you need to start a skincare routine, even if you aren’t entirely sure what this requires.

7. You left university with the certainty you had completed the wrong course

8. People start having babies

9. You have to pay bills

10. You now choose to go on Sunday walks. CHOOSE.

11. It dawns on you you now have to make all life decisions yourself, and decisions are hard

12. But then you realise no one has a clue, No one does. Even your parents who once seemed all-knowing, they haven’t a notion. In fact, it’s slightly terrifying.

Basically adulthood is terrifying but your 20’s are the best years of your life right?


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