10 things I didn’t know about planning a wedding

10 things you didn't know about planning a wedding10 things I didn’t know about planning a wedding – it’s a crazy world. So you’ve just got engaged, you are in a dream bubble, you are looking at the world through love tinted glasses for a while, the bubble pops, and you realise you have to actually have a wedding. This usually starts by people asking if you have set a date within a week, and you and your partner looking at each other as if to say should we have? Who knows? 

  1. You have to pay 

Ok, now don’t get me wrong – I knew you had to pay for a wedding, but I didn’t realise you had to pay for the actual marriage. Walk into the registry office for your appointment, and you’ve spent £300, but we paid it, we got the marriage agreement in place and then went home and ate Nandos.

2. You have an interview

Now I don’t know if right for all weddings or just registry office weddings, but when we went to have our ‘pre-marriage appointment’ we actually were interviewed, It is basically to prove you know each other, but it sure is scary, and I definitely forgot my boyfriends date of birth and wait, what job does my dad do? Hahaha, it’s one of those situations when you have to wrack your brain to try to remember your name. 

3. The dress

I didn’t have the experience with my dress and my kind of thought you had to go to those shops and stand on a box while everyone helped you pick. However me being me and super laid back, ordered it on ASOS and went with the first one I tried on. 

4. Throwing a ‘ no fuss’ wedding is just as hard 

No matter if the napkins you use are handmade from paper or flown in from France, the level of work and planning that goes into a wedding is just as hard. We thought by having an exceptional day with very few guests would make for a more relaxed occasion. However, it is just as hard, and we haven’t even started on the seating plan. 

5. You talk wedding all the time

Ok, I am not saying you slip on the ring and become Bridezilla, but my fiance and my mum have spent hours glazing over as I discuss everything, even down to what fruits we need on the cake. It can be tough for every conversation not to lead back to your plans, especially when there is so much to think about. 

6. Your fiance won’t care

No matter how hard I try to involve said Fiance, he isn’t interested, from planning the decor to the invitations, enthusiasm is low. However this does leave you to have everything you desire, yet when it comes to the food and the music, I don’t think I will get much input. 

7. It all gets very booked up

A factor you never think about, until you begin planning. Is just how booked up services such as photographers, bridal hair and cake bakers get and how little of them there are? I thought a year in advance would be doable, but apparently, people book these things years in advance. Just be warned or else you will have your mother making the cake. 

8. Invitations go out so late

OK So you’ve sent the save the dates, but now your wedding invitations cannot go out until a few weeks before as you need to add your guest list etc. But what if people flake and you have set numbers? Stress. I have to say I can’t even think about this yet. 

9. Nerves

You then hit the stage where you realise how much you hate being the centre of attention and the sheer thought of standing in front of people saying the vows, is one of the worst concepts that you could imagine. Oh, let it be over already?

10. Keeping your name is hard

I am well aware it’s 2019, but it is still very expected and not discussed that you will both take the mans name. If this isn’t the case as it is with me, you have to go out your way to make this happen, but hey here’s to keeping being a Wigmore ey? 

What surprised you when planning your wedding? 

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